Earrings, cabochon Lapis Lazuli, blue, bronze

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Discreet earrings, real stone Lapis Lazuli

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Color Blue

⚘ jewel ready to offer ⚘ Pierced ears discreet because of their size, oval cabochon 13x18 mm size glass. Cabochon stone Lapis Lazuli. The Lapis Lazuli is an opaque stone to dull sheen, symbol of power, spiritual and political, it is the stone of the Gods, specifically the Egyptian goddess Isis, and the stone of the Pharaohs. In lithotérapie it is said that it is a balancing stone, healing, regulation and repair. It is famous also for its ability to soothe headaches, and mental and psychological level, lapis lazuli elevates the mind and stabilizes the mind, it brings wisdom, confidence, intuition and creative expression bronze finish, metal nickel and lead free. short fasteners, fastening at the back, and long ties to choose from. * Do not immerse in water or put in contact with moisture to protect your jewelry.

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